Tumbleweed Action Functions

These functions are mainly used to control the verb buttons.


void Verbs.UsedAction (Action test_action);

Used to determine, which action has been selected by the player. Instead of checking cursor modes, this function is used.


bool Verbs.IsAction(Action test_action);

Used to check, if the current action is the one, given in the parameter.


void Verbs.SetActionButtons(Action action, int btn_ID, int sprite, int sprite_highlight, char key);

This functions connects the verb buttons with the action and is also used to assign / change the graphics of the verb buttons.

See also: Verbs.AdjustLanguage


void Verbs.SetDefaultAction(Action def_action);

Used to define, which action is being used, if no verb has been clicked. Usually this is "walk to".


void Verbs.SetAction(Action new_action);

Since the cursor modes are bypassed, this function defines the current action. Among other things, this function is called by clicking a verb button.


void Verbs.SetAlternativeAction(char extension, Action alt_action);

This function makes the right-click shortcuts work. If you use extensions like ">p" (e.g. pickup), this function makes sure, that the correct verb button is highlighted.

See also: Verbs.CheckDefaultAction


void CheckDefaultAction();

This function checks for a given extension in hotspots, objects and characters. If there isn't an extension, a default action is given, e.g. "Talk to" if the mouse is over a character. In case of a given extension, the default actions are being overridden. It is also defined here, which letters are causing what default action. See the chapter Extensions for more details.

See also: Extensions


void UpdateActionBar();

This function is used to show and update the status bar. It checks for an extension, triggers the translation and renders the results on screen.

See also: Verbs.TranslateAction, Verbs.RemoveExtension


void ToogleGuiStyle(int enable_new);

Switches between classic SCUMM mode and new one.