TextWindowGUI functions and properties

This struct extends the GUI struct, so it has all functions and properties from GUI, in addition to the properties below.

Compatibility: TextWindowGUI is supported by AGS 3.5.0 and later versions.


int TextWindowGUI.TextColor

Gets/sets the text color to be used when rendering text on this TextWindowGUI.


// a custom MySay function with character-specific text color;
// (assuming that gTextGui is assigned as a speech GUI)
function MySay(this Character*, const string message) {
  gTextGui.AsTextWindow.TextColor = this.SpeechColor;

above function adjusts gTextGui's text color before calling a standard Character.Say function. It assumes that gTextGui was assigned as a default textwindow for the character speech. Such custom function may then be used as:

cEgo.MySay("My text has my colors!");


int TextWindowGUI.TextPadding

Gets/sets the amount of padding, in pixels, surrounding the text in the TextWindow.