BASS template

This template is a modified version of what was previously known as the 'Lightweight BASS stub', although the script module within retains its previous name of TwoClickHandler. The behavior of the script module aims to simplify and mask the cursor modes, removing the need for the player to manually set them. It also implements default behaviors where none are explicitly implemented, through the use of unhandled_event in the global script.

Without making any direct comparisons which might result in a lawsuit, in the default mode left-clicking will do things, right-clicking will look at things. In the reversed mode, left-clicking will look at things, right-clicking will do things.

The popup threshold for the GUI is managed by two properties (PopupProportional and PopupDistance), both of which are considered at the same time. Setting both to 0 means that the GUI will never appear.


// register a GUI to use for the inventory bar
TwoClickHandler.InventoryGui = gInventoryBar;
// register a Label to use for action text
TwoClickHandler.ActionLabel = lblAction;
// select the reversed button mode (left-click to look, right-click to use)
TwoClickHandler.ReversedClicks = true;
// Set the popup threshold for the inventory bar
TwoClickHandler.PopupProportional = 0.5;        // 50% of the GUI height or
TwoClickHandler.PopupDistance = 50;             // 50 pixels


GUI* TwoClickHandler.InventoryGui

Assigns the GUI which will be used for the inventory.


Label* TwoClickHandler.ActionLabel

Assigns the Label which will be used to display text descriptions.


bool TwoClickHandler.ReversedClicks

Sets how left and right clicks are processed.

When true: left-click to look, right-click to use
When false: left-click to use, right-click to look

The default value is false.


float TwoClickHandler.PopupProportional

Show and hide the inventory GUI when the mouse cursor y value is less than this proportion of the GUI height. For example, if the inventory GUI has a height of 100 pixels, a value of 0.9 will show the GUI when the mouse cursor distance to the top of the screen is less than 90 pixels.

The default value is 0.75.


int TwoClickHandler.PopupDistance

Show and hide the inventory when the mouse cursor y value is less than this value.

The default value is 0 (effectively disabled in favor of PopupProportional).



Hide the inventory GUI if it being shown. If the inventory GUI is already hidden then this function does nothing. This would typically only be called by higher level GUI management functions which require the inventory GUI to be replaced or suppressed.