Label functions and properties

Label is a subclass of GUIControl and therefore inherits all GUIControl's functions and properties in addition to its own, which are listed below.


(Formerly known as SetLabelFont, which is now obsolete)

FontType Label.Font;

Gets/sets the font used to display the label's text. This is useful if you have a standard SCI font for your English version, but want to change to a TTF font for foreign language versions.


if (IsTranslationAvailable()) {
  lblStatus.Font = eFontForeign;

will change label 'lblStatus' to use font "Foreign" if a game translation is in use.

See also: IsTranslationAvailable, Label.Text, TextBox.Font


(Formerly known as SetLabelText, which is now obsolete)
(Formerly known as Label.GetText, which is now obsolete)
(Formerly known as Label.SetText, which is now obsolete)

String Label.Text;

Gets/sets the text displayed in the specified label. This allows you to change the text during the game, for example to create a LucasArts-style status line.


lblStatus.Text = Game.GetLocationName(mouse.x, mouse.y);

will display the name of the location the cursor is over on label 'lblStatus'

See also: Button.NormalGraphic, Button.Text, Label.TextColor, Label.Font


HorizontalAlignment Label.TextAlignment;

Gets/sets how the text is aligned relative to the label's rectangle. Note that currently label supports only horizontal alignment which could be eAlignLeft, eAlignRight and eAlignCenter.

See also: Standard Enumerated Types, Label.Font, Label.Text

Compatibility: Supported by AGS 3.5.0 and later versions.


(Formerly known as SetLabelColor, which is now obsolete)

int Label.TextColor;

Gets/sets the text color used to display the label's text.


lblStatus.TextColor = 14;

will change label 'lblStatus' to have yellow text.

See also: Label.Font, Label.Text