Game variables

The following variables are available to your script. They allow you to do various tweaks to the engine at run-time.

Names in bold are read-only variables and should NOT be modified by the script.

All the following variables are int variables.

variable description
game.abort_key The keycode for Abort Game, which allows the you to quit even if your script is stuck. Default 324 (Alt+X).
game.ambient_sounds_persist If 0 (default), ambient sounds are stopped on room change. Set to 1 to tell AGS to leave ambient sounds playing when going to a new room.
game.anim_background_speed The current room's animating background speed - same values as in editor.
game.auto_use_walkto_points Default 1; set to 0 to stop AGS automatically using hotspot walk-to points.
game.bgspeech_game_speed If 0 (default), background speech stays on the screen for the same amount of time, no matter what the game speed. If 1, the amount of time it stays is relative to the game speed.
game.bgspeech_stay_on_display If 0 (default), background speech is removed when a Say command happens; if 1, it isn't.
game.close_mouth_end_speech_time At the end of speech text, the speech animation will stop for this number of game loops. Default 10. No affect in voice mode.
game.debug_mode Whether we are in debug mode or not.
game.dialog_options_highlight_color Color used to draw the active (selected) dialog option
game.dialog_options_x Offset into dialog options GUI to compensate for borders
game.dialog_options_y Offset into dialog options GUI to compensate for borders
game.disable_antialiasing Set to 1 to disable smoothing of scaled characters, overriding the user's choice in Setup. Default 0.
game.following_room_timer How long to wait before following char emerges in new room, default 150. (higher is longer).
game.keep_screen_during_instant_transition Normally the Instant transition blacks the screen in 8-bit color modes, to avoid strange palette effects. However you can set this to 1 to prevent it doing so.
game.inv_activated Inventory item that the player last clicked on. Useful for unhandled_event.
game.inventory_greys_out Set to 1 to make inventory controls grey out when GUI disabled is set to "GUIs Grey Out"
game.lipsync_speed Similar to Game.TextReadingSpeed, but this determines how quickly the text is 'read' out by the mouth moving. You should normally only set this faster than text_speed, otherwise the reading will get cut off when the text times out. Default 15.
game.max_dialogoption_width Maximum width of textwindow-based dialog options box. Default 180.
game.min_dialogoption_width Minimum width of textwindow-based dialog options box. Default 0.
game.narrator_speech Which character ID to use for voice speech within Display() command. Default initial player character. You can also use NARRATOR which uses 'NARR' prefix - special narrator character.
game.no_textbg_when_voice Normally 0. If 1, and the Sierra-style With Background speech style is in use, will change to the Sierra-style (no background) if a voice speech line is present.
game.read_dialog_option_color By default, -1. You can set this to a color number, in which case dialog options that the player has selected before will be displayed in this color.
game.roomscript_finished The on_call function has completed executing. (See CallRoomScript)
game.score The player's score. To modify the score, use the GiveScore script function.
game.score_sound Sound effect to play when the player gets points, originally set in the editor.
game.screenshot_height The height of screenshot images when saved into save games. The largest you can have is the full screen size (game's native resolution), which gives the highest quality but the largest size for save game files. The default size for Screenshots is 160x100, so the default value for game.screenshot_height is 100. The minimal supported value for screenshot size is 16x16.
game.screenshot_width The width of screenshot images when saved into save games. As mentioned above, the default size for Screenshots is 160x100, so the default value for game.screenshot_width is 160.
game.show_single_dialog_option If only a single dialog option is available, show it anyway (default=0)
game.sierra_inv_color The background color of the sierra-style inventory.
game.skip_display Setting for how Display() messages are skipped; valid values are same as for Speech.SkipStyle (default 3).
game.skip_speech_specific_key Default 0. You can set it to a keycode, in which case only that key can skip speech text.
game.speech_bubble_width Maximum width of the thought bubble text window (default 100)
game.speech_text_align Sets how text in LucasArts-style speech is aligned. Same possible values as game.text_align, default eAlignCentre
game.speech_text_gui The textwindow GUI number used for sierra-style speech.
game.text_align Sets how text in message boxes and Sierra-style speech is aligned:
eAlignLeft: text aligned to left within message box (default)
eAlignCentre: text is centered within the message box
eAlignRight: text is right-aligned within the message box
These options do not affect LucasArts-style speech, which is always centered.
game.text_shadow_color Color used for speech text shadow (default 16).
game.top_bar_XXXX Customizations for DisplayTopBar, see link for details
game.total_score Maximum possible score, initially set in the editor.
game.used_mode Cursor mode used with last click (use with "any click" events to find out which mode was used)
mouse.x Mouse X co-ordinate when the last game loop was run
mouse.y Mouse Y co-ordinate when the last game loop was run
palette[SLOT].r The red component (0-63) of palette slot SLOT
palette[SLOT].g The green component (0-63) of palette slot SLOT
palette[SLOT].b The blue component (0-63) of palette slot SLOT
player.[x,y,name,...] Alias to the current player character.