Log Panel

The Log Panel is present in AGS Editor starting with version 3.6.1.

The Log Panel can be useful for understanding and troubleshooting issues in your game, when the debugger alone isn't enough. It provides a runtime log that includes warning messages and other notifications raised by the AGS engine or your own messages in your own scripts.

The Log Panel displays messages from three Log Groups:

  • Script: These messages are generated by calling the System.Log function. Use it for debugging purposes and understanding the flow of your code.
  • Game: Messages in this group are generated by the AGS engine's internal game logic, they can also warn you if something in your script is misbehaving and being corrected by the engine without aborting the game.
  • Main: Messages in this group are generated by the AGS engine concerning the interface between the engine and the platform or system it's running on.

NOTE: Log messages can also be read through the command line, passing the necessary flags, see the run-time engine.

To control the log output, you can pause or resume the log display by clicking the pause or run buttons located at the top left of the Log Panel.

By default, the log panel will scroll to show the latest message added, but this behavior can be disabled by clicking on the auto glue button.

Additional functionality includes the ability to copy and clear the message buffer. When starting a new debug session, the log messages are cleared by default, ensuring a fresh log for each session.

The font size of the log panel can be adjusted according to your preferences in the Editor Preferences.

See also: System.Log, LogLevel