• Adventure Game Studio was originally developed by Chris Jones

  • The latter versions and engine ports to various platforms are product of collaborative work of the following people (in alphabetic order):

    Alan Van Drake
    Benjamin Penney
    Benoit Pierre
    Bernhard Rosenkraenzer
    Cristian Morales Vega
    Edward Rudd
    Erico Vieira Porto
    Ferdinand Thiessen
    Francesco Ariis
    Gilad Shaham
    Ivan Mogilko
    Janet Gilbert
    Jochen Schleu
    Joe Lee
    John Steele Scott
    Martin Sedlak
    Matthew Gambrell
    Michael Rittenhouse
    Morgan Willcock
    Nick Sonneveld
    Ori Avtalion
    Paul Wilkinson
    Per Olav Flaten
    Piotr Wieczorek
    Ryan O'Connor
    Scott Baker
    Shane Stevens
    Shawn R. Walker
    Stefano Collavini
    Steve McCrea
    Steven Poulton
    Sunit Das
    Tobias Hansen
    Tom Vandepoele
    Tzach Shabtay

  • The default icon bar graphics were done by Teemu Eramaa (

  • Windows editor original splash design by abstauber

  • Windows editor icons by Klaus

  • Blank Game template created by AGA

  • Sierra-style game template originally worked on by Rui "Trovatore" Pires, enhanced with the new art by ProgZmax, CaesarCub, Hobo, Selmiak and Jim Reed.

  • LEC 9-verb template by abstauber

  • Verb Coin template by Electroshokker, graphics by Misj

  • Lightweight BASS template by Bjorn Ludwig

  • Hq2x and Hq3x scalers by Maxim Stepin

  • Hi-color fade out/in routines by Matthew Leverton

  • Sprite anti-aliasing code by Michael Bukin

  • Editor uses irrKlang .NET audio player (

  • Graphics and sound are courtesy of the Allegro graphics library by Shawn Hargreaves and many others. You can get it at

  • Script editor component is scintilla by Neil Hodgson. You can get it from

  • GIF loading by Magick.Net (

  • TrueType font display uses ALFont by Javier Gonzalez and the FreeType project

  • Windows engine uses libcda CD player by Peter Wang.

  • MP3 player is almp3 by Javier Gonzalez and the FreeAmp team. It uses the mpg123 MP3 decoder

  • OGG player is alogg by Javier Gonzalez, using the Ogg Vorbis decoder, which is available from

  • OGG Theora player is APEG by Chris Robinson, using the Ogg Theora decoder, which is available from

  • DUMB MOD/XM/S3M/IT player, (C) 2001-2005 Ben Davis, Robert J Ohannessian and Julien Cugniere. You can get it from

Thanks to all the AGS beta testers for all their suggestions and bug reports - Cornjob, AGC2, AGA, Relight, c_leksutin, Spyros and the rest of the team.