Calling global functions from local scripts

You can now call your global script functions directly from your rooms. This means that if you have a common script that you want to use in response to various different events during the game, you can call it from your room scripts rather than duplicating code.

To use a global function, open up the main script header (GlobalScript.ash), and add a line similar to the following:

import function my_function_name (parameters);

Where my_function_name is the name of the global script function, and parameters is a list of the TYPES ONLY of the parameters it takes. For example, if you had in your global script:

function do_animation (int anim_number) {

then you would write:

import function do_animation (int);

To use the function, you just call it normally in your script, e.g.:

do_animation (3);

You can also return a value to the caller by using the "return" statement, and the local script picks this up the same way it does with built-in functions. For example, the end of your global script function could be:

return 51;

then the local script just does:

int value = do_animation(3);