Backing up your game

You will no doubt want to back up your game files, and should do so regularly during your game development. But which files should you back up?

When taking a backup, make sure you copy ALL the files listed below:

  • GAME.AGF - this is the main data file for your game and contains almost all of the game settings. Without it, your game is lost.
  • ACSPRSET.SPR - this is your game's sprite file, containing all the sprites from the sprite manager.
  • ROOM*.CRM - all the ROOM*.CRM files are your room files, and obviously without one of them you wouldn't be able to go into that room any longer.
  • *.ASC, *.ASH - these are your script files, and contain all of your scripting handywork.
  • *.TRS - translation source files. They contain any translations that you've had done.
  • AGSFNT*.TTF, AGSFNT*.WFN - these files contain any fonts you have imported.

Also remember to back up any sound, music and video files you are using.